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In the summer of 2019, a really horrid person told a few young ladies that they deserved to be raped for wearing short clothing. The video went viral and started a conversation about victim-blaming in India.

A group of us immediately looked to highlight the ridiculousness of victim blaming, while supporting and organization that is fighting for change. We collaborated with Sayfty,, an organization fighting gender violence in India, pitched our idea, created the materials, and put out a fundraising campaign within a matter of days.

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‘Sanskari’ is a Hindi word that means ‘modest’, ‘traditional’, ‘cultured’ (referring to the ‘perfect woman’ for marriage or the ‘perfect daughter’)

As a response to #viralaunty we created a satirical line of Sarees that are so modest, they would be ‘rape-proof’. Covered so well that you can't see anything at all.


We created sarees for all kinds of women, from young girls to old women. Just to further highlight the stupidity of victim blaming.

CW: Tanvi Tandon & Anish Easwar
AD: James Barkley & Miklas Manneke


Social Video

For two years, I've traveled the world asking strangers one question: Will you dance for me? Because in an age when we appear more divided than ever, the simplest things can remind us that we’re not all that different, regardless of the language we speak, the company we keep, or how we move to a rhythm and beat.

In total I asked over 400 people, in places as far afield as Brussels, Chicago, Berlin, New York, Jerusalem, Soweto, London, Paris, Port Elizabeth, and the Great Wall of China.

The project was filmed on 4 generations of iPhone, and I deliberately did not offer the dancers a backing track. 
On a broader level, I wanted to prove that dance transcends our artificial borders of culture, language, and geography, that we all, somewhere deep within us, retain the instinct we act on as very small children, to move to the rhythm of the music we hear, even inside our heads.


When we dance, there are no strangers, anywhere in the world, because nobody, when they dance, dances entirely alone.

The project went on to be picked up by multiple South African TV and Radio stations before finding international press that pushed suddenly had people submitting their own dancing videos from all over the world.

#KeepDancing was also nominated for a Webby Award in the Art & Entertainment Category.


Directed and shot - Miklas Manneke

Edited - James O’Sullivan

Sound design and Mix - Alison Stevens

Colorist - Michele Wilson

Music - “Shame” by Young Fathers

Courtesy of Ninja Tune & Young Fathers

Filmed on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8.



May 11th of 2020 was the first day out of the quarantine in Paris. That same day, some friends and I did this to spread a message of optimism.

The video was viewed over 1 million times in 10 days. 

Director / CW- David Dominguez

AD – Miklas Manneke

Air Hugger- Luis Andres Martinez

Filmed - Mirit Mikhail & David Dominguez

Editor – Mirit Mikhail


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